A New Year Distillery Update

Hello everyone,

I’m sure regular followers of the Forager’s family have heard, but for those who don’t know, we are overly happy to announce (or even brag!) of our products getting the amazing recognition they deserve! Both at the Welsh Gin and Vodka awards.

Our two longest existing products, Black and Yellow Label Gin’s won bronze in their categories. Black Label won Bronze in the Classic Gin category, and the Yellow Label won Bronze for the Contemporary Gin category.

In the Welsh Vodka awards, our Y Bēt has won bronze, and our Y Bēt Rosé has won silver. Showing what we already knew about their phenomenal, crisp and distinctive taste.

While we are exceedingly proud of all these amazing results, we are even more proud to announce we won Gold for two other products! One for our refreshing Winberry Gin in the flavoured Gin category and one for our exuberantly smooth Soulful Sloe in the Sloe Gin category.

Here at foragers, we are trying to keep to our established high standards with some of our new Products. Back in stores and on our website is our exceptionally smooth and sweet Monsoon Coffee Liqueur. Based around the delicate and deep Monsoon Malabar Indian Coffee bean, this liqueur makes an excellent after dinner Aperitif as well as upgrading many classic cocktails from good to exceptional. Feel free to check out our Instagram (@foragersgin) for our in-house recipe for the Monsoon Espresso Martini!

In that recipe you may notice one ingredient, a new addition to the Y Bēt line. Using smooth and aromatic Peruvian chocolate nibs, we are proud to announce the Y Bēt Chocolate Vodka! At 40%, the vodka is double distilled, with the aforementioned Peruvian nibs, which gives a sweet, aromatic and pleasingly smooth drinking experience. On its own or muddled in a mixer with something you may not have tried before such as ginger beer or surprisingly apple juice. The alternative choice, much like the coffee Liqueur, this vodka goes delightfully well in a wide array of cocktails. We are exceptionally happy with this release and hope you enjoy it just as much as we all do here!

With all this news we have been ecstatic with all our progress and working very hard, to keep up to standards.

As with the rest of the UK recently we and our botanical growing land have been battered and harassed with storms. Not to fear, we have still continued to increase production and work hard to create new and exciting drinks, as well as continuing to bring the long line of well-loved drinks. Very soon we will be able to add even more botanicals to our land, able to expand our production exponentially! We’re very much looking forward to showing you the full field when its ready and foraging season can begin!

We do have a few other projects that we are working very hard to bring you as quickly as possible and look forward to keeping you updated. So stay tuned!

-Rhys and the Forager’s Team

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