Snowdonia Distillery and the Growing Lineup!


Well, what an amazing couple of months we have had here at Foragers! Since the last update we have had several amazing things happening and about to happen which we wanted to keep you updated on. So without further ado, let’s begin!

Since our last post, we have brought home more awards for our already acclaimed range, this time from the IWSC. Firstly, silver for our still very new Y Bet Chocolate Vodka. We were already very proud of this spirit and to see it get the acclaim we feel it deserves is a true honour! If that leads to encouraging more people to try something bold, well, who are we to stop them? As well as this amazing award, we brought home 3 more Bronze awards for our Foragers Yellow Label gin, Foragers Soulful Sloe Gin, and Marsette Monsoon Coffee Liqueur. All of which we are extremely proud of, reinforcing to all of us here to continue the drive we have to bring you the best that Wales has to offer.

Those of you who have been following all of our distillery happenings may be aware we have our own patch of land with fresh botanicals growing. This is to provide you with the freshest Welsh spirits we are capable of. Well, this week we are expanding that more! Our team has been getting their hands dirty digging, cultivating, and planting even more delicious botanicals, to help create the crispest and most flavourful spirits we can.

If you’ve seen any of our marketing on social media, then you may be aware of our 3 new launches.

We are proud to showcase two new El Rumbo lines. Firstly, the El Rumbo Coconut, at 36%. Using all fresh ingredients, we aimed for and accomplished a full, flavourful, pure, and no-nonsense coconut rum. With a truly creamy and authentic taste, we are very excited to see if you love it as much as we do.

Next, we have our extra-aged Anejo Oro Golden Rum, matured in the same casks as the classic El Rumbo, but much longer. This rum is bottled at 40%, giving it a bold, characteristic taste with warming cognac and a lingering apple and pear finish. Pairs perfectly with a squeeze of lime and a classic Cuban cigar!

Lastly, we are thrilled to announce our second addition to the Marsette family, The Marsette Chocolate Essence. At a dangerously deceptive 31%, this is an incredible spirit for a wide array of cocktails or as an excellent aperitif. With a pleasantly soft and warm chocolate flavour. We encourage you to try this in as many different avenues as you feel brave enough to try, from alone over ice to baked into your favourite desserts. Do let us know how you find it and the concoctions you made!

If you do fancy yourself an indulgent tipple, we would love to hear from you! Share with us how you are enjoying our products. Available on all social platforms, @foragersgin, and you can always send us an email!

Thank you all for your continued support and interest, we are extremely grateful for you. We look forward to bringing you more news and fabulous drinks to enjoy.

Wishing you all the best!

– Rhys and the Forager’s team.

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